City of Mount Pulaski sponsors town wide recycling day June 10th

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[May 24, 2017]  MOUNT PULASKI - The city of Mount Pulaski will be hosting an electronics recycling day on June 10th from 9 a.m. to Noon at the Mount Pulaski Township Shed Area, 404 S. Spring Street.

The program includes FREE recycling opportunities as well as a collection of certain otherwise prohibited items, with a fee charged to the owner.

Items accepted for free include:

Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Computers; LCD Monitors; Printers; Computer Peripherals (Keyboards, mice, etc.); LCD and Plasma TVís; Satellite and Cable Equipment; Projectors; VCRís; DVD Players; Video Game Consoles; Radios; Speakers; Cellular/Mobile Phones; Telephones; Toner; Pagers; Cameras; Camcorders; Power Tools (inc. Batteries); Fax machines; Answering Machines; Battery Backups and UPS; Surge Suppressors and Power Strips; Power and Accessory Cables; Walkie Talkies; Ink Cartridges; Christmas Tree lights;

If an item is not on the list call BLH Springfield at 217-585-1580.

These items will be accepted for a fee:

For Mount Pulaski residents only - CRT Televisions; Projection Televisions, CRT Monitors, and Non-LCD/Plasma Televisions or Monitors
Costs: $20 for CRT TVís and $10 per monitor; $40 Console TVís

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The following items will not be accepted:

Microwaves, toaster, small kitchen appliances; Refrigerators, Stoves, and other large appliances; Broken TVís (broken glass or otherwise); Air Conditioners; Lamps/Light bulbs; Vacuum and floor cleaners; Toys; General Rubbish; Audio and Video Cassettes; CDís and DVDís; Software; Carbon Monoxide/ Smoke detectors; Bathroom devices (elec. Razors, toothbrushes); Gas Powered Tools; Glass, Christmas Light Bulbs, etc.; Mercury Thermometers; Thermostats; Aerosol Cans; Lava Lamps; Live ammunition; Needles of any kind; Adhesives, paints, Chemicals of any kind; Alkaline batteries; Pre-lit Christmas trees

Contact BLH Springfield at 217-585-1580 or visit their store location 1832 Stevenson Dr., Springfield,  to ask about a specific item that may not be listed.

[City of Mount Pulaski]

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