Maybe you already noticed…. we changed the front page.


            Recently we’ve been putting more and more news articles in LDN every day and the front page was getting too long.  Too much scrolling down to get to all those interesting articles and news items was giving readers arthritis, tennis wrist, and carpal tunnel.  And we think some readers weren’t seeing the important stuff at the very bottom.  So, we decided to shorten things up, condensing the front page down to just a few screens rather than 11-16 printed pages each day.


            With a slight amount of rearrangement, we have traded-in our two-line menu at the top of the front page for a single line of buttons.  No more long scrolling.  Hovering your mouse over each button gives you a message box about what is in that section.


LDN opens each day to show you our TOP STORIES of the day, those stories from today’s issue that we think are vital to our readers.  We’ve included Close Up, Where They Stand (local politics), Perspectives (our own editorials) and letters to the editor in our new Top Stories Section.


            Click the NEWS button and the news section replaces the Top Stories section.  There you will see all of our up-to-the-minute local news articles, along with AP stories for State, Nation, International, Politics, Science, Health News, and of course, my favorite, ODD News.  No stale, old stories here!


            Click the BUSINESS button and LDN’s full Business section replaces the News Section on your screen.  Our business section includes all the most important articles about the state of the stock markets, energy pricing, businesses changing hands and of course, the job market every news day.  We’ve moved Rural Review to this section, along with current Stock Market prices, Gas Prices, and the LDN Classifieds.


            Click the COMMUNITY button and the new Community section fills your screen.  Not only will you find Community News and Community Calendar, but also Spiritual Life, Church Directory, Clubs and Organization News, Law and Courts, and Obituaries.  LDN has all that is important about our Logan County community.


            Click the LEISURE button and prepare to relax with Entertainment News, let your mind grow with This Day in History, plan to be entertained while browsing our Movies and Videos page, get a recipe for tonight’s desert from our recipes section, Grab Your Fork, and look for the perfect companion on our Pet Adoption page.


            Click the SPORTS button and get the lowdown on Local, College, and Professional Sports, including Railer Basketball stories by Jeff Benjamin.


            Clicking the last button “SHOW ALL SECTIONS” shows you LDN like you have been accustomed to: all the sections on the screen one after the other.  Scroll down all you like.  For those of you who like the old LDN and don’t like the new changes, this button is for you.


There you have it: All the great LDN you have been accustomed to in a more attractive package.  Less work, more LDN!