What Faith Looks Like

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Faith is not just something we say. It is not just felt! It can be seen! I love the old Indiana Jones movie where he is required to step out in faith onto an invisible bridge over a deep chasm. He discovers rather quickly that a little dirt on the path will show the way and confirm his suspicions of an unseen bridge. Itís such a great illustration of walking by faith. We canít see whatís ahead, but we have to believe that God has made a way and that He will show it to us.

Walking by faith means living like thereís more to life than the eye can see. A life of faith recognizes that what we canít see is more real, more true, and more powerful than what we can see with our own two eyes. The problem is that we use our physical eyes to judge everything. If I canít see it or touch it, I question if itís real or not. Weíre not used to opening our spiritual eyes and seeing with faith.

When the Hebrew writer says, ďLet us fix our eyes on Jesus,Ē (12:2) that canít be done with physical eyes so the writer must be talking about spiritual eyes. Faith is trusting what the eye cannot see!
Eyes see our enemy approaching and our backs against the sea; faith sees the water parting and our journey across on dry ground.

Eyes see the walls of Jericho too tall to scale; faith sees the walls tumbling down.

Eyes see storms; faith sees Jesus calming the storm.

Eyes see a dead body; faith sees an empty tomb.

Eyes see our faults; faith sees our Savior.
Eyes see our guilt; faith sees his cleansing blood.

Eyes look in the mirror and see a sinner, a failure; but faith looks in the mirror and sees a robed prodigal bearing the ring of grace on our finger and the kiss of our Father on our face.

Eyes see an empty tomb; but faith sees Jesus alive.

I think thereís a good chance I spend too much time focused on what I can see and not what God can do.

Jesus once said, ďWith man it is impossible, but not with God. With God, all things are possible.Ē Prayer today: Lord, help me to not focus on my troubles, but help me to fix my eyes on Jesus. Amen!

Ron Otto, preaching minister at Lincoln Christian Church

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