A walk in the country - Animals

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Pictures by Curtis Fox


A beautiful peacock named King Eduardo wanders around a neighborhood like a friendly dog.



This beautiful bird deserves another photo moment.

No, this country road has not taken us to South America. These alpacas live down a road right here in Logan County.


Texas long horn cattle in Logan County? These animals are a rare sight for this part of the country.


You might wander down a road where a friendly horse will greet you at the fence. The next time you wander by bring some sugar cubes for a treat.


Every once in a while, on a quiet road, you will come across a small cemetery. This one is a part of Logan County history. Entire families are buried here. Some of the headstones list the year of birth in the 1790ís. One shows man who served in the Civil War in the Seventh Illinois Infantry. Many list birth and passing entirely in the 19th century. You can receive a history lesson in this small space about the early settlers of Logan County.


A walk in the country can be a wonderful experience, something different from the same old city streets and parks. It might even turn into an adventure. You may even meet some friendly folks. Just remember that when a vehicle approaches, smile and wave.


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