A walk in the country - Roads and country vistas

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At some point, we are bound to get tired of walking the same streets of town and the same path at the park. There is one alternative to taking the identical steps every day, and that is to get out of town. Try taking a walk along a quiet country road. Talk to a friend who lives in the country in hopes of finding the perfect road, not much traffic and a chance for an adventure.

The first thing to do is find the best road.

Pictures by Curtis Fox


Could this road be the one? No telling what is off in the distance.




Or maybe this one is a better choice. Well, take a few days and do both.

Letís get started!

Country vistas

No houses to block a long view away into the distance, a unique cloud covered sky. You can feel your own horizon expanding.


Rippling streams cross many country roads in rural Logan County. This is a spring rain swollen Sugar Creek.


Twisted tree branches make a wonderful natural art exhibition.


No, we arenít looking at the huge cross that is on a mountain above Rio de Janeiro. This surprise is on a hill hidden in a small country valley.

This is the country valley, small and quiet with a gently wandering stream, a peaceful spot to stop and reflect on natureís beauty.


There is even room down our road for a person to create a nature preserve. Not every square inch of land has to be dedicated to farming. There is room for plants and animals to have a safe space for future generations to enjoy.


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