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Lies, lies and more lies

By Jim Killebrew

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[July 23, 2014]  On Meet the Press this morning we listened to the Foreign Minister of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif talk about his nation of Iran saying they are not seeking nuclear weapons or delivery systems to send them to other countries in the region. Simply listening and watching him as he spoke one wonders in a world where lying is as pervasive as breathing how he can hope to achieve any credibility for his words. He talked about not wanting to be a threat to anyone in the region while at the same time he talks about Hamas only “protecting” themselves against the aggressive behavior of Israel. Do these people actually believe the rest of the world can watch what is going on in that region where Hamas is showering rockets into the Israeli neighborhoods and not know that Hamas is attacking and not defending? It has come to the point where it is almost impossible to believe anyone in public office anywhere in any country.

Yet we can see with our own eyes the hundreds of rockets that Hamas is raining on the people in Israel; rockets and weapons that are being supplied by the Iranians. That makes the Foreign Minister of Iran a non-credible reporter of his nation’s position. The leaders of the nations of the world who actually believe that swill from the Iranians are asking the rest of us to become fools and believe the false message. It is incredible.

I guess I wonder why national networks and programs like Meet the Press allow people like the Iranian Foreign Minister to use their program as a platform to spew their lies to the American people. Why would not David Gregory of Meet the Press simply say to the Foreign Minister of Iran what is being said can be refuted by looking at the footage being collected of the rockets from Hamas falling on Israel?

At the same time on another channel, Fox News Sunday, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, talked about the daily living experiences of his people who are being bombed by the Hamas extremists who are being supported and supplied by Iran. In that interview he said,
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"I just want your viewers to imagine the United States being bombarded not in one city or two cities, but in every city between New York and Colorado, 20 percent of your citizens would be exempt, but 80 percent of your citizens would have to be in bomb shelters or ready to go into bomb shelters within a minute to minute-and-a-half, max. No country can accept that, we can't accept it, and we'll take the necessary actions to stop it."
Thank goodness Israel has the “Iron Dome” anti-rocket system to take out more than 90 percent of the Hamas, Iranian supplied, missiles being fired at Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu explained the difference between the Hamas’ use of rockets and the Israeli use of rockets. Israel is using the strike-back missiles as protection and ensuring they are used “surgically” to take out the nests of missile groups in the Hamas areas where the Hamas fighters use civilians with women and children as human shields in schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other civilian areas as cover. The Prime Minister summed it up by saying, "The difference between us, we are using missile defense to protect our civilians, and they're using their civilians to protect their missiles."

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So, back to the Foreign Minister of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, do we listen to his words with any inclination of actual belief? Of course not! His actions belie his truthfulness. Isn't it terrible that a great number of mankind has built his character and image on the foundation of lies to such an extent that credibility in almost everything we see or hear must be verified and tested against something to try to find the truth. When normal people in the world have lived a lifetime of learning to believe in truth and trust the words and actions of people around us the "Father of Lies" has really made us vulnerable to being hurt by killing our trust in people by establishing the norm as the act of lies. It makes me sad.

In reality we have to say, "Who is telling the truth?” When we listen to a person like the Foreign Minister of Iran talking on U.S. national television about not wanting to have nuclear weapons while at the same time building everything necessary to process uranium into weapon-grade nuclear material and building ICBMs for the sole purpose of delivering those weapons systems the credibility crumbles. Additionally, out of the other side of his mouth the Foreign Minister of Iran and the leaders around and above him constantly declare their intention to exterminate all Jews from the earth; how can he be believed?

Mr. President, July 20th is just around the corner. Has Iran lived up to your expectations? Do you trust them now? Should Americans trust them; should Americans trust you?


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