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Alligators in the moat

By Jim Killebrew

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[July 23, 2014]  I first published the following piece called, “Alligators in the moat” on May 14, 2011, just a little over three years ago. It reported a flippant speech the President gave to those citizens living in El Paso, Texas, a city just across the border from Mexico. More than three years ago the President boasted he was doing all he could to protect the citizens on the Southwest Borders of the United States. He chided the opposition, making fun of them for wanting to secure the border between Mexico and the United States. The President’s braggadocios speech along with his heckling of his opponents and Americans who were pleading for protection from the illegal immigrant invasion prompted the following article.

“When late-night comedians in their stand-up routines poke fun at various people we sometimes laugh and think it is funny. When they take events that are happening around the country and turn to a funny side of even a serious matter, we might smile. And so with political pundits who squeeze a laugh line from the audience by turning an issue to hyperbole with obvious exaggeration to bring home some intended message, we sort of chuckle at the amusement. With such musings we often find relief.”

“But it is not such a relief to know that the President of our great nation, the United States, is so frivolous about preserving the safety and integrity of all our citizens against those who would enter illegally to do us harm. His speech in Texas the other day was appalling to say the least. His lack of concern for each of the citizens in Texas and all the Border States leave us with a feeling of fear and emptiness that we haven't felt for many years. When it comes to mocking and ridiculing the people who are desperately trying to protect themselves against the onslaught of thousands of illegal intruders, who are actually killing American citizens, it becomes a travesty of justice.”

“No, the citizens of America do not want a moat built around America; they do not want it filled with alligators. What those who are desperately in need of relief really want is for the Administration to enforce the laws that are currently on the books. Citizens of various states who are treading waves of illegal persons crossing the boarders, protecting themselves in some cases just to stay alive, just want the Administration to back off from suing them for enacting laws that mirror federal laws already on the books.”

“If the Mexican government built up several divisions of their army on their northern border and launched penetrative attacks across the border against the citizens of the United States, killing them as they went, would the Administration interpret that act as war? There are drug cartels aligned against the southern border of the United States who are at war with each other, killing each other, and spreading their war into the United States. Mixed within that war are those who are human smugglers bringing illegal people into the United States by the thousands and the Administration makes jokes about the people who are being hurt wanting to build moats and stock them with alligators. And this frivolity is coming from the highest levels in our government.”

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“This question of illegal immigration has been around a long time. There are many difficult questions that must be worked out with the persons who are already here. But similar to the issue of a broken water pipe spewing water all over the house the first order of business is to turn off the water! Do not make jokes to the people who own the house about soon having an indoor swimming pool. For those people who are already here and have been born here in America or have entered illegally, we can discuss their fate, and take the time to rationally, logically do it. But for now we must turn off the water!”

“To get serious, the Administration should consider the following:

1. Protect the borders of the United States properly.

2. Allow people to enter the United States legally.

3. Once here, learn the language, which is English.

4. Study the history of the United States.

5. Accept the founding principles of the United States.

6. Obey the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the land.

7. Integrate into the culture of the United States.”

Well, it is more than three years later and who is laughing now? Actually, nobody can laugh at the travesty the President has perpetrated in that area. The American Southwestern Border is just as broken now as it was when the President was spewing out laugh-lines in May 2011. He did not intend to do anything about it then and it appears he is not willing to do anything about it now. In fact, he is now ready to look at a problem that his own talking points claim started in October 2013, the Administration made plans for transportation for approximately 65,000 unaccompanied children in January 2014 and now claim it is an emergency and he needs almost four billion dollars to clean it up. Cleaning it up of course does not include securing the border; consequently the invasion will continue full force. Try as we might to give the President and his Administration the benefit of the doubt, it is difficult to afford him that when we know he has done next to nothing over the past three years after he presented himself as the comedian-in-chief at the U.S.-Mexican Border.


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