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By Blinn Bates

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[December 26, 2014]  By Blinn Bates

In October of 2013, I expressed my extreme distaste for the atrocity known as Obamacare. It is certainly no secret that I do not care for the policies and opinions of our President, or most left wingers for that matter. However, based on recent conflicting Federal Court rulings on Obamacare, I thought it would be a good time to explore what I view as the larger societal epidemic.

Without getting into too many mundane details, one Federal Appeals Court said Obamacare subsidies were OK and another said that Obamacare subsidies through a federally run exchange are not OK. If the opinion that subsidies through a federally run exchange are not OK is eventually upheld by the Supreme Court, there will be even more people than I originally predicted that will loathe Obamacare. It looks as if the legislation should be re-titled to the "Not-So-Affordable-As-We-Originally-Thought-Because-We-Are-Shortsighted Act." Either way, it is tragically hilarious that something that affects us all to this extent is not figured out yet. So, maybe we will have the pleasure of another year of uncertainty with respect to healthcare coverage. Personally, I do not have the time to deal with that again.

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Although I blame the President and Congress, there is a lot of blame to pass around the citizens of this Country. As I stated back in October, there is a growing disincentive to be productive members of society. I see it every day. If the government provides food, housing, healthcare, and spending money to those "in need," what incentive would those individuals ever have to provide for themselves? Not to mention, these "needy" folks, as determined by the government, are never held accountable for their own debts and obligations because we must avoid "debtor's prisons." (NOTE: Still anxiously awaiting a response from Ms. Madigan.)

I continually wonder when Americans will wake up and realize that the Government simply cannot (and should not) provide for our basic needs. These are matters of personal responsibility. If we, as a society, continue to lose our sense of personal responsibility, we all better hope that we agree with the policies and procedures of our Dictator in Chief.

[By Blinn Bates]

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