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Big bids bring in big bucks for the American Cancer Society

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[October 25, 2021]   When the live auction began on Thursday evening, auctioneer Mike Maske said that he wanted everyone to bid high for a good cause. He told the audience that the first item auctioned would “set the tone” for the rest of the evening and he wanted big bucks.

The first item to be auctioned off delivered very well bringing $200. It was a fall wreath with a pink pumpkin theme that can be utilized through the end of fall. The wreath was donated by Lincoln Daily News and designed by Jan Youngquist. LDN had two other items also designed by Youngquist that sold equally well.

The first item to bring $1,000 was this beautiful pink pumpkin donated by Collision Concepts and designed by Alice Engle. The pumpkin was purchased by Becky Logan. Collision and Engle also had two additional glass pumpkins decorated with florals in the auction and Logan ended up buying all three.

This pink and black quilt donated and made by Georgia Green of Sew Personal Embroidery sold well and sold often. The quilt sold the first time and then the buyer donated it back telling auctioneer Maske the “sell it again!” Maske was happy to oblige and between the two winning bidders the piece brought in $575 for the American Cancer Society.

While the paddle bore the name of his better half Rebecca, it was Brian Jasmon who got a kick out of bidding high throughout the evening. His efforts paid off when he won a Pink Pumpkin Mummy filled with candy. Jasmon paid a whopping $1,500 for the piece donated and created by Grieme Arnold Insurance.

Another fun “sell again” opportunity came with this cute little unicorn pumpkin. The pumpkin itself was made by two-year-old Alexandria Altmix with a little help from her mom Amber. Amber had designed a larger unicorn pumpkin filled with candy, and little Alexandria wanted to pitch in as well. The small pumpkin was a real one Alexandria painted in pink swirls then glued on ears and pieces of the face to make the cut little pumpkin. The pumpkin sold the first time for $125, the second time for $100, and the third time for $250, bringing in a total of $475.

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Alexandria watched excitedly as her donation to the Pink Pumpkin Auction sold again and again and AGAIN.

Little Miss Logan County Sofia Farmer also fared well on Thursday evening, the pink pumpkin filled with decorated cookies sold well, then the buyer generously gave the pumpkin to Sofia. She was more than happy to accept it!

The final item of the auction Thursday evening was this witch with her broomsticks standing on a bale of straw. The piece donated by Graue Chevrolet and designed by office ladies featured the witch holding one broom with a couple of “spares” on the side. All the brooms were adorned with orange twinkle lights. Also on the straw bales were miniature pumpkins and a larger pink pumpkin filled with breast cancer awareness bracelets.



The crowd had a very entertaining experience as the two good friends, both “car guys” in Lincoln, Erv Guyett and Chris Graue, battled it out over the display. The crowd got excited when the display hit the $1,000. As it kept climbing, guests were cheering and clapping. At the $2,000 mark, neither bidder was willing to concede. When the bid hit $2,500 Graue bowed out and Guyett was the winner.

Throughout the evening, between 45 and 50 pink pumpkins sold in the auction and all sold well. There were battles between friends such as Nila Smith and Karen Hargis who were both determined to take home the basket donated by Sir Renna Tea and made by store owner Eileen Mullins. In the end, Hargis won with no hard feelings from Smith, but not without paying the big bucks for the pumpkin.

To say that this year’s fundraiser event was a success would be a serious understatement. Between the silent and live auctions, the raffle and luminaria sales and the mystery bag sales, the event brought in more than $20,000 for the American Cancer Society.

There are no words big enough or special enough to say just how grateful the pink pumpkin committee is for the generosity of those that donated items and the generosity of those who purchased them.

[Nila Smith]

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