Extension webinars offered May 15 to May 22

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[May 22, 2020]   University of Illinois Extension helps individuals, families, farmers, businesses, and communities solve local problems to improve lives of Illinois residents. Check out this expanded list of online webinars and trainings. These are offered by Illinois Extension professionals unless otherwise noted. Click on the title to access more information and registration links.

Food Nutrition

May 20, 1 PM: Cooking for One

Set the table and light a candle for yourself! Single-person households are on the rise and forecast to grow over the next 15 years! Cooking for one can be creative and rewarding with or without leftovers. Indulge, choose what you like to cook, and get the good smells going in your kitchen!

Family Health and Safety

May 21, 2 PM: Head Strong: Discover Brain Health

Learn practical ways to keep your brain healthy and engaged.

Local Food and Small Farms

May 19, 10 AM: Raising Rabbits: Online Webinar

Rabbits bring joy and can provide great environmental benefits when kept away from vegetables and backyard flower gardens. Learn how to care for rabbits and what it takes to maintain a healthy home for them.

Gardens and Lawns

May 19, 1:30 PM: Creating a Pollinator Garden for Small Spaces

Proper plant selection can give gardeners a beautiful and fruitful space that can play an important role in creating habitat for pollinators. Jennifer Fishburn, Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator, will discuss pollinator plant options for small spaces.

May 20, 3 PM: Landscape Safety: Good Growing Online Webinar

There can be hazards to working in the yard and garden. Landscape work can involve dangerous and loud equipment, pesticides, and contact with plants and animals that may be harmful. Chris Enroth will provide safety tips everyone can use when working the yard, including hearing, eye, and sun protection; best practices for operating equipment; and using pesticides safely.

May 21, 1 PM: What’s in My Backyard: Tree Identification

What's In My Backyard? is a three-part series for Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists to help answer the perennial question we receive from the public: "What is this thing?" Get practical tips on how to identify trees.

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Energy and Environment

May 15, 1 PM: Vermicomposting 101: Online Webinar

Vermicompost is the nutrient rich by-product of worm digestion and is a super food for our soils. University of Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator Austin Little will demonstrate how to build a vermicompost box at home.

May 15, 1 PM: Forest Invaders: Online Symposium

Illinois forests are unique plant communities of towering trees as well as tiny, spring wildflowers. Invasive plants threaten native plant diversity in forest communities across Illinois by outcompeting our natives for water, light, and other resources. This presentation will focus on the identification and control of non-native forest invaders so you can help keep plant diversity up in your neck of the woods.

May 20, 10 AM: Illinois’ Rarest Trees: Webinar

Illinois is home to over 180 native species of trees and shrubs. While many are very common, Illinois has some very rare species. The webinar will cover some of the rarest tree species found in Illinois and discuss why they are rare and what is being done to manage them. This webinar is free and open to the public.

May 21, 1 PM: Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy Biennial Report

How is water quality in Illinois? The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy guides the state's efforts to improve water quality at home and downstream by reducing nitrogen and phosphorus levels in our lakes, streams, and rivers. The strategy lays out a comprehensive suite of best management practices for reducing nutrient loads from wastewater treatment plants and urban and agricultural runoff. Learn how the strategy has progressed.

Local Government

May 20, 11:30 AM: Developing Broadband Leadership: Broadband Development Process

The four-part Developing Broadband Leadership webinar series is designed to show how communities are addressing short-term broadband connectivity issues while moving forward with longer-term solutions.

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