Graduates honored with signs on the Logan County Courthouse Square

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[May 24, 2020]   Friday was a lovely day in Lincoln. With hopes that the weather will remain nice throughout the weekend, a group of volunteers set to work Friday to place the names of graduates from Logan County middle and high schools on the lawn at the Logan County Courthouse in Lincoln.

The idea to put the signs on the lawn started with a thought by Railer Nation father Rod Clarke who wanted to do something special for the Lincoln Community High School Seniors. He began by seeking permission from the city of Lincoln to place the signs in the boulevard of Wyatt Avenue.

After speaking with the city to gain permission for his plan, it was suggested that it would be nice to see the signs downtown, in which case he would need to seek the permission of the Logan County Board.

Taking his idea to the county board, it was suggested to Clarke that perhaps the plan could include all the graduates in all the Logan County Schools. Clarke said he would like to take on the project, but it would take more resources than he currently he had.

Soon the resources were provided. Money came, then the donation of goods and services. Heritage Packaging Company donated the white cardboard discs for the names and Lincoln Printers said they would print them all. 

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On Friday volunteers put approximately 500 names of graduating students, both eighth graders and high school seniors on the lawn at the courthouse.

Signs are located on all four sides of the courthouse. Each school is represented separately with a larger sign designating the school and the names of the students printed in schools colors.

The signs will be on display through Sunday. Students who wish to take their sign may do so on Sunday.

On Friday the signs were already getting attention as people roamed around the square checking them all out. The last and largest group was that of Lincoln Community High School. With approximately 160 names the group finished that last school in the early afternoon.

[Nila Smith]


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