2022 Logan County Fair

Logan County 4-H Rabbit show dominated by Rose Catterson

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[August 10, 2022]   On Tuesday morning there were a total of five 4-H members who showed rabbits at the annual judging at the Logan County Fair.

Exhibitors included Rose Catterson, Ariana Hinkle, Wyatt Leinenbach, Kristina Morrow and Reagan Titus.

The first show of the day was the Meat Pen show with Catterson and Titus being the exhibitors.

Judge Jerry Hicks, who has worked the Logan County Fair for a number of years, talked to the two ladies about their animals and did a careful examination of each “pen of three.” He told the audience that having a pen of three is particularly challenging because it is just very hard to get three rabbits who look alike in shape and size to be a team in the judging. However, the ladies had done a good job.

Both won blue ribbons for their efforts and Titus was chosen as the Champion Meat Pen winner.

Titus came back to show the Best Opposite of Sex All other 4 Class Breeds and took the top award in that category as well.

Titus’ plaque was presented by the 2021 Logan County Fair royalty - Queen Caroline Ahrends, Junior Miss Alayna Briggs and Little Miss Sophia Farmer; and by Dale Maxheimer. The plaque was presented as the Maxheimer Memorial Award by Teresa Strampp.

From that moment forward, the rest of the day belonged to Catterson. While all the competitors took blue awards in their respective classes, Catterson took the Reserve Meat Pen. She then moved on to take the top rabbit awards in the Best of all other 6 Class Breeds and Best of all other 4 Class Breeds.

Catterson then won the Grand Champion and the Reserve Champion Rabbit awards.

Catterson's Reserve Champion Meat Pen plaque was also presented as the Maxheimer Memorial Award by Teresa Strampp with Dale Maxheimer presenting along side the Queen Caroline, Junior Miss Alayna and Little Miss Sophia.

The Best Opposite Sex all 6 Class Breeds plaque was sponsored by the Hollanders 4-H Club.

Neal’s Trailer Repair sponsored the Best of All 6 Class Breeds award.

The Champion Rabbit plaque was sponsored by Neal’s Trailer Repair, and the Reserve plaque by Sasse’s Apiary.

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At the end of the day, Titus returned to the lime light during the Junior Showmanship competition and walked away with that plaque, while Arianna Hinkle won the Senior Showmanship Award.

The senior award was presented as the Arthur Behrens & Family Memorial Award by the Drew Behrens Family.

The Junior Showmanship plaque was sponsored by Davison Trucking.

Tuesday was the last day of service for the three members of the 2021 Logan County Fair Court. All three ladies were happy to be at the fair, and the older two echoed their responses when they said the were exited for the day, looking forward to being a part of the passing of the crown at the Tuesday night 2022 Pageant, but at the same time, a little melancholy. They’ve had a great year and hate to see it come to an end, but at the same time, look forward to being a part of the excitements for the next three young ladies to wear the crowns.

On Wednesday they would no longer be queens, and Little Miss Sophia was asked what she had planned for her first day without a crown, and she promptly said that she planned to spend the day at the fair riding all the rides.

In the meantime, as departing royalty, Little Miss Sophia had one big ask. She wanted to hold a bunny rabbit.

Rose Catterson was happy to oblige. Little Sophia got to pet a bunny that belonged to Catterson, then went one step further and actually got to hold one.

Catterson had chosen a larger bunny for the petting, but told Little Miss Sophia to stick around and after Catterson finished her next class she would let Sophia hold one of the smaller bunnies.

Little Miss Sophia was delighted and waited patiently for the opportunity.

In spite of the weather being nasty outside, the day inside the show barn at the Logan County Fair was bright and happy for all.

[Nila Smith]

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