2022 Logan County Fair

Logan County Fair off to a purr-fectly good start with the 4-H Cat Show

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[August 10, 2022]   The first 4-H competition of the 2022 Logan County Fair was held on Saturday, July 30th. The 4-H cat show featured three exhibitors with their purr-fectly fine pets.

The Logan County Extension which administered the 4-H program, is part of a three-county district including Menard and Sangamon Counties. This year the dog show which has in the past been held in Logan County was conducted at another fair. There were also no guinea pig entries by 4-H members in Logan County this year, so that show was cancelled.

Laura Tomlinson with Amanda Gray (right)

Carissa Davis

Extension staff on hand for the first show of the season included Amanda Gray and Carissa Davis.

Jayden Lawrence and Ivy Cunningham

In Logan County, the superintendent for the cat show is Jayden Lawrence. On Saturday she joined Judge Ivy Cunningham at the table during the judging process. Cunningham is from Logan County. She works at Cha-Dai Pet Motel in Lincoln and has been a personal cat owner for more than 40 years.

Cunningham was charged with the task of examining the record books each of the entries provided, then meeting with the individual exhibitors and their cats for a brief conversation and an examination of each of the kitties.

The first person to the judging table was Lauren Beck with her kitty Meow-meow. Lauren is a Sangamon County exhibitor. She was asked about her kitty’s habits and favorite things to do. Beck responded that Meow-meow’s favorite activity is sleeping, especially while lying on her lap.

Beck was then asked what her favorite thing about Meow-meow was. She said that she loves his personality and that he is a super calm laid-back kitty.

Cunningham asked questions about Meow-meow’s health and learned that he has never been sick, and he’s never gotten away from Lauren and been lost.

She asked Beck what was challenging about having Meow-meow. Beck answered that she struggled to keep the kitty’s weight down. She said that she had placed him on a diet, but during that time he gained even more weight.

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The second person to show her cat was Jenna Beck, Lauren’s sister and also a Sangamon County member.

Jenna shared that her kitty’s name is Oliver and he was adopted from an animal shelter. He likes to play and also he likes to sleep.

Beck was asked if she would consider owning another cat. She responded that she loves Oliver and as long as she has him, he is all she needs. However, she said that if something ever happened to Oliver, she might at some time consider adopting another kitty.

The final exhibitor for the Logan County 4-H Cat Show was Rose Catterson and her kitty Marvin. Catterson is a Logan County 4-H member belonging to a club in Atlanta.

Cunningham asked Rose to tell her about Marvin. Catterson said that she loves everything about her kitty. He’s super sweet, but she does have an issue with his weight. She said that he currently weighs just over 13 pounds, so in her behavioral training with Marvin she does not use food as a motivator or reward for good behavior.

Catterson’s kitty is also a rescue of sorts. She told Cunningham that Marvin came to her from someone who had him but was no longer able to take care of him, so Rose took Marvin, and she is very happy that she did.

All three of the exhibitors and their cats received blue ribbons.

After conferring for a few minutes superintendent Lawrence and judge Cunningham announced that the top cat award for the show was going to go to Lauren and Meow-meow Beck.

[Nila Smith]

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